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Saturday, November 2, 2013


Restock lagiiii berry slim and fizzcola!! Book cpt stock anda! sekejap je habis tiap kali restock. Repeat order banyak, new order pun banyak. Utk beli dan order, SMS/Whatsapp 0193433431 or 0179246273 NOW!!! 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Berry Slim and Fizzcola - Restock!!

Hi.. Restock lagi berry slim and fizzcola. Bulan October ni sahaja 100++ kotak dijual oleh kami! Tiap kali restock, cukup utk berapa hari je. Punya la hot selling! Yang repeat order, pengguna baru, yang tgk perubahan kawan dan sedara mara.. Kami happy bila anda happy. Thank you for your never ending support and trust. Keep us updated with your results or stories. Sesiapa yang nak order kalau berry slim and fizzcola anda dah nak habis tu, booking cepat ye. U know where to reach us. Penghantaran by pos laju seluruh Malaysia, Singapore dan Brunei. Paypal payment method for Overseas customers. COD area: KLCC, bandar sri damansara, mutiara damansara, kepong, TTDI. Untuk org Kuantan, Kemaman dan sekitar Pahang boleh beli di Bloom Boutique, Kuantan. For new user sms/whatsapp: 019.343.3431 or 017.924.6273.

Anyway, ini la produk slimming paling mudah dan sesuai dgn saya. Sebelum ni dah pernah cuba produk lain tapi tk sesuai. Dengan berry slim, 1 kotak ( utk 18 hari) saya dah kurang 3kg. Dah la senang2 aje. Saya still makan mcm biasa cuma bila makan cpt kenyang.. Dah la sangat berry slim and fizzcola ni sedap amat!! So happy with this product smpai saya pun jd agent.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

New product!!! Presenting I-Do

Introducing new product from DCE Ninety Six. Say "i-Do"!! Product anti-ageing (anti-penuaan) dari Jepun. Some of the benefits of i-Do:

1) Rejuvenating the skin, repairing laugh lines and restoring skin elasticity.
2) Moisture scalp and prevent hair loss
3) Prevent osteoporosis
4) Boosting immune system
5) Improve the breast size, elasticity.make breast more firm and smooth
6) improve endocrine disorders and minimizing vaginal odor

PRICE : RM 196
SMS: 019-3433431 OR EMAIL: TO ORDER

Monday, August 26, 2013

Order your Fem@lov supply here!

Hi all

eventhough i've been neglecting this blog quite a while, Im still selling all the products. Just email or sms 0193433431 for inquiries and orders. All will be answered within 24hrs.

To my loyal customers, thank you for your never ending support. You know who are *wink* :)

List of products that you can get from me:

Plus minus
Right solution
i-Do from DCE
Berry Slim and Fizzcola by Zeila Jalil

Get ur beauty supply here! Click on the right side product labels for more info

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