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Saturday, September 17, 2011

I SHOW - NEW Slimming system from SKG World

SKG ISHOW is an exclusive french formulationwith the 4B concept coupled with our Shape Up Programme.  The natural botanical plant essence ensures the efficacy and health benefits of the product. It's a simple way  for everyone to shape up to their desired results. Now everyone can have a healthy and safe formula created to shape up your body for a beautiful you and shape up your life for healthy you.
SKG World iShow Shape Up program is a healthy and safe formula that is created for you to achieve your desired body. However, different individual will have different experience throughout the 3 to 6 months cycle.
PRICE : RM388 per box.
Buy 5 box iShow NOW and get free holiday package to China (accommodation,meals except air ticket)

Direction to consume will be provided with purchase.

Friday, September 16, 2011


A special FLY liquid foundation with 10 in 1 functions derived from various botanical extracts. FLY liquid  foundation protects you from sun exposure and UV rays, hydrates your skin, instantly brighten the skin tone and provide good coverage for flawless skin!

Fly ~10 in 1 functions:

1. Sun protection
2. Anti-aging
3. Anti oxidant
4. Sebum control/anti-bacteria
5. Soothe skin
6. Whitening
7. Hydrating
8. Moisturizing
9. Liquid foundation act as concealer too with perfect coverage
10. Reduce fine lines

FLY~Features :

1) simple application method
2) easy to carry
3) fast application
4) easy & fast cleansing
5) long lasting
FLY~ Active ingredients:

1. Malus Domestica stem cell, argireline- reduce fine lines, wrinkles and other age-related imperfections.
2. Trehalose-moisturiser
3. Hyaluronic acid-locks water in the dermis
4. Alpha –arbutin-Whitening
5. Fomes Officinalis extract- refines skin, balance oil secretion


Use it proper quantity on the area of your face like patting at the last step of skin care.

PRICE: RM 99 per box.
4 bottle in a box


This is Plus Minus supplement which is sought after by customer. It is a health supplements that provide all the essential nutrients needed by our body. I will just simplify  it if  u need further explanation just email me at

The benefits:
1. Provide all the essential nutrients into your body.
2. Contains a powerful antioxidant for cell protection
3. Quencher of free radicals
4. Strengthen circulatory support
5. Strengthen immune system
6. Improve skin elasticity like collagen
7. Hydrate the skin
8. Promote youthful skin and see improvement in wrinkle reduction
9. Inhibit melanin pigment which give skin the dark color and make skin appear brighter by diminish dark spots.
10.Thicker and healthier shiny hair
11. Help nails become stronger, less breakable, and less cracked.
12. Good for brain health and improving memory. Prevent Alzheimer and Parkinson disease
13. Resolve eye fatigue
14. Reduce joint pain
15. For healthy cartilage
16. Helps increase supplies of joint lubricants synovial fluid that cushions the joints flexibility
17. Prevention of hangovers
18. Maintain optimum lung health
19. Great supplement for smokers to safeguard their health against the risk associated with smoking.
20. Best approach for diabetes
21. Lowering cholesterol
22. Reduce risk of heart problem. Prevent stroke.
23. Control of high blood pressure.
24. Resist your stress
25. Improve muscle endurance and faster recovery.
26. Reduce virus and bacterial infection. We have testimony by a consumer who was admitted into hospital due to dengue. By taking plus minus, he recovered fast compared to normal dengue patients.
27. Promote colon health and at the same time, reduce body fat. A lot customer see a reduction in their weight  and achieving slimmer bodies.
28. Improve nutrients absorption
29. Managing urogenital health.

PRICE = RM 268 per box. 30 sachets in each box.

For maximum benefits, we  have formulated method of usage in helping you to achieve a BALANCE+UP new you! Safe to be taken by children too but need consultation by our consultant.

  • Take 2 sachets fem@lov from 1st day period till day 15,continue with 2 sachets PLUS MINUS daily for the following days OR
  • Take 2 sachets fem@lov from 1st day period till  day 10, continue 2 sachets PLUS MINUS daily for the following days  OR
  • Take 1 sachet fem@lov AND 1 sachet Plus Minus from 1st day period till day 15,then continue with 2 sachets Plus Minus daily for the following days OR
  • Take 1 sachet fem@lov AND 1 sachet Plus Minus from 1st day period till day 10,then continue with 2 sachets Plus Minus daily for the following days OR
  • for menopause women, 1 sachet fem@lov and 1 sachet Plus Minus everyday.
  • Take 2 sachets PLUS MINUS daily.

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