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Sunday, July 13, 2014

ZIELA Product: AP Fibrechlo

Produk Ziela terbaru selepas kejayaan berry slim dan fizzcola! AP Fibrechlo!

AP Fibrechlo is a green apple and peach based flavoured drink making it a delicious drink to consume. Apple and peach are two fruit that are part of the “power food” group. Both fruit are rich in natural sources of Vitamin A and C, which help regenerate skin tissue. High in anti-oxidants, both fruits are proven to help reduce the risk of cancer by not allowing DNA damage to occur.
Advantages of AP Fibrechlo:
AP Fibrechlo promotes a clean, healthy colon and acts as a slimming agent. This drink which is a peach and apple based, is rich in Vitamin C and each serving contains 15g of soluble fibre.
Benefits of AP Fibrechlo:
• Effectively cleanses your colon system.
• Strengthens your immune system.
• Inhibits the growth of parasite and worms.
• Increases the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.
• Improves the digestive system and metabolism rate, reduces bloating and gas.
• Controls sugar level, uric acid and helps to clean toxic accumulation.
• Lowers your cholesterol level.
• Promotes a healthier heart.

Price: RM68/box

Rasa sedap tidak seperti fiber lain di pasaran. Amat berkesan!
To order, Whatsapp/SMS
 019.343.3431 OR 017.924.6273

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