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Saturday, July 4, 2009


Estrogen is the most important hormone that influences the life of a women. It is the primary hormone responsible for female sexual characteristic and reproduction. The level of estrogen remains relatively during 25 years after women hits puberty, after which it will decrease constantly.

When hormone levels imbalance, this can affect a women's mood, sexual desire, fertility and ovulation. Women of all ages may experience hormone imbalance specially during premenstrual cycle.

You can read more at this official website on the symptoms of imbalance estrogen level.

Fem@lov is formulated to nourish the human body with natural phytoestrogen without negative side effect.There are only good effects that will surely change you. Fem@lov is a formulation from Swiss and it contains vitamin, minerals and herbs.Fem@lov is absolutely safe. It has gone through a numbers of lab test and confirmed no heavy metals, no steroids and is a supplement for all women.

Fem@lov is for women aged 18 years and above and NOT PREGNANT. It is a great supplement for postnatal body.

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