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Thursday, July 2, 2009

The benefits of Fem@lov:

External beauty

- attractive and charming eyes
- breast enlargement
- breast firming
- smooth skin complexion
- healthy heel
- shiny and healthy nails
- smooth and fine facial skin, prevent black spot
- breast size balancing
- firming hips
- fine and fairer skin

Internal beauty

- increase vaginal secretion, prevents vaginal dryness
- increase vaginal elasticity
- prevent excessive vaginal discharge and vaginal odour
- prevent breast cancer
- reduce post menstrual syndromes such as hot flashes, sweating, emotional instability

Reduce menstrual pain, increases sex drive

- Improves sleeping quality, enhances memory
- Promote ovary health, increases pregnancy probability
- Reduces bad cholesterol and regulates blood pressure
- Promotes blood circulation, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases

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